Custom Decision Service workflow

We recommend following this pattern when building your apps

Register your app

  • Register your app on our portal.
  • Specify an RSS/Atom feed containing your content.
  • Add an Azure Storage connection string, if your app fits the advanced scenario in the overview.
  • If you are not in a content personalization scenario, Custom Decision Service might still be right for you. Contact us through the support link in the top menu bar.

Add Custom Decision Service to your application

  • Generate code snippets to add Custom Decision Service into your application from the portal, based on your setup.
  • Add the code snippets to the right parts of your application.

Watch it learn

  • Monitor the performance of Custom Decision Service through the dashboard on your portal.
  • Watch the performance improve, as the system gets more data.

Custom Decision Service, when used in the right way, can open a world of exciting possibilities. See this video and imagine with us!

Custom Decision Service is part of Cognitive Services